Welcome to Multicook: Your New Go-To for Homemade Frozen Food

Welcome to Multicook: Your New Go-To for Homemade Frozen Food

May 06, 2024


We're thrilled to announce the grand opening of Multicook in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles—a culinary corner bringing you the taste of homemade Eastern European cuisine in a convenient, frozen format. As the first Multicook franchise in Los Angeles—part of over 700 locations globally—we're here to redefine your dining experience with flavors that resonate with home.

Why Multicook?

Our journey began with a simple idea: to make authentic, home-cooked meals accessible to everyone. Whether you've moved recently or have been longing for a taste of home for years, Multicook bridges the gap with our high-quality, ready-to-cook meals. Our specialties, like succulent pelmeni and sweet syrniki, are crafted with care and frozen fresh, locking in the flavor and nutrition.

Homemade Quality, Frozen Convenience

We understand the fast pace of city life. That's why we've perfected the art of quick-prep cuisine without sacrificing the soul of the dish. Imagine having a gourmet meal ready in minutes, any day of the week—no prep required. It's the convenience you need with the homemade quality you crave.

A Warm Invitation

To all who cherish rich culinary traditions: we invite you to visit Multicook in Sherman Oaks. Our store features an open kitchen where you can watch as your food is meticulously prepared. Browse our menu online, pre-order your favorites, and discover how delicious quick dining can be. Let's make every meal a celebration of culture and convenience.

Pre-Order Now and Savor the Authenticity

Visit our website to explore our menu and pre-order today. Dive into the ease of flavorful, ready-to-cook meals delivered right to your door.


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